Closed-Loop Drilling

Minimize the risk of pressure-related drilling hazards

Our Secure Drilling® services incorporate a number of closed-loop drilling (CLD) techniques—including air, underbalanced, and managed pressure drilling (MPD)—to proactively manage your wellbore pressure profiles. As the industry leader for MPD, Weatherford offers a field-proven portfolio of CLD technologies that mitigate hazards, minimize formation damage, and optimize drilling performance. 

Managed Pressure Drilling

Mitigate drilling hazards with precise pressure control

With our MPD technologies and services, you can enhance primary well control, verify downhole barriers in real time, and quickly respond to influxes and losses.


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Managed Pressure Drilling

Continuous Flow System

Maintain steady circulation during drillpipe connections

Our SteadyState® continuous flow system constantly circulates drilling fluid to the wellbore when you add or remove drillpipe stands for safer, faster drilling.  


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Downhole Deployment Valves

Trip safer and faster in closed-loop drilling operations

A no-snub, no-kill alternative to conventional tripping techniques, our DDV® downhole deployment valve system helps you to increase tripping speeds, enhance personnel safety, and minimize formation damage in closed-loop drilling operations.


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Downhole Deployment Valves

Underbalanced Drilling

Manage inflow from the formation during drilling

Our underbalanced drilling (UBD) services control the inflow of reservoir fluids into the wellbore while you drill to minimize near-wellbore damage, increase well productivity, and reduce drilling problems.

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