Managed Pressure Drilling

Mitigate drilling hazards with precise pressure control

Managed pressure drilling (MPD) provides an active approach to well control. Unlike passive control methods, MPD operations use a closed-loop system that helps to determine the downhole pressure limits and manage the annular pressure profile accordingly. As a result, you can enhance primary well control, verify downhole barriers in real time, and even automatically react to influxes and losses. 

As the global leader in MPD technology and services, Weatherford delivers MPD solutions scaled to your needs. Our field-proven MPD portfolio includes surface and subsea rotating control devices, the semiautomated PressurePro® control system, and the automated Microflux® control system.

Rotating Control Devices

Create a pressure-tight barrier against drilling hazards

We offer rotating control devices (RCDs) that safely contain and divert fluid returns and enable wellbore pressure management in environments ranging from conventional onshore to deep water.


Protect your people and equipment


PressurePro® Control System

Take control of your onshore drilling operations

Our PressurePro control system—comprised of the SafeShield® RCD and PressurePro set-point choke—puts simple, precise wellbore-pressure-management technology for any onshore drilling application in your hands.

Bring our offshore experience to your onshore drilling applications

Advanced Flow Detection

Differentiate downhole well events and react early

The advanced flow detection system helps you to distinguish kicks and losses from less hazardous events and minimize response times to actual well hazards.


Identify issues before they become hazards

 Advanced Flow Detection