Drilling Management Systems

Acquire consistent, high-quality surface logging data

Our drilling-instrumentation and management systems distribute quality data both onsite and remotely. Using proprietary technologies including the DrillWise™ electronic drilling recorder and WellWizard™ integrated-data system, we help ensure smooth rig management with flow monitoring, vibration analysis, and standalone gas-in-mud and ambient gas detection.

Early Kick Detection and Hazard Mitigation Service

Identify unexpected events and reduce environmental risk

Our early warning systems give you time to mitigate impending drilling hazards. Using customized sensor and software packages, we help you safely control drillstring vibration, maintain hole stability, and identify kicks.


Receive an early warning for fluid influxes here

Early Kick Detection and Hazard Mitigation Service

Stick/Slip Detection Services

Detect downhole torsional vibration

We use precise waveform frequency and amplitude to identify stick/slip. Measured from slight to extreme, our service delivers a warning when stick/slip levels exceed a pre-determined level.


Measure stick/slip factors from 0 to 100% here

Cuttings Volume Measurement Services

Track cuttings removal and monitor hole cleanliness

Installed in the shale shaker, our field-proven systems help to prevent stuck pipe and lost bottomhole assemblies by monitoring, reporting, and managing cuttings removal.