Thoroughly assess reservoir potential

Our sedimentologists analyze cores, well logs and geochemical data to help guide your exploration and field development strategies. This insight will help you appraise reservoir and play potential more confidently, and with reduced risk.

Sedimentology studies

Evaluate reservoir zonation to locate untapped resources

Our expert sedimentologists integrate data from numerous and diverse sources to evaluate stratigraphy and flow units and develop predictive depositional models that provide insight into the location of untapped resources.


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Sedimentology Studies

Biostratigraphic services

Identify microfossils to assess formation age

Our biostratigraphers are highly experienced, and can provide detailed examinations of calcareous nanofossils, foraminifera, and pollens to aid in determining sediment age and environments of deposition in any basin.


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Biostratigraphic services

Fracture analysis

Evaluate conduits and barriers to flow

Fractures act as either a conduit or barrier to hydrocarbon migration. We offer quantitative fracture analysis of your cores, to help your further understanding the parameters of your reservoir.


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Fracture analysis