Laboratory Services

Reduce exploration and development risks with expert lab services

Our global network of industry-leading laboratories is staffed with knowledgeable engineering and geoscience professionals to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your reservoir rock and fluids. Services include routine and special core analysis; geochemical analysis of rock and fluid samples; geomechanics studies; and evaluations to support the development of any asset, from conventional to unconventional, heavy oil, and deepwater resources.

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Routine Core Analysis

Assess core permeability, porosity, fluid saturations, and other important reservoir properties

Weatherford Laboratories has the experience and technology to help you evaluate your sidewall cores and whole cores. Our routine core analysis services include porosity, permeability, and grain density, and more.


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Routine Core Analysis

Special Core Analysis

Address critical reservoir issues with our comprehensive suite of advanced tests

Weatherford Laboratories offers a full range of special core analyses to address critical issues in your reservoir—from capillary pressure and fluid flow properties to petrophysics and rock mechanics.


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Special Core Analysis

Geochemical Lab Analysis

Improve exploration and production strategies through advanced geochemical analysis

Geochemical analyses can help you assess gas quality, correlate oils to their source rocks, evaluate reservoir compartmentalization and allocate production. Our geochemical laboratories provide a full range of analytical services.


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Laboratory equipment

Geologic Services

Reduce risk with a geological assessment of your reservoir

Weatherford Laboratories provides comprehensive interpretive and analytic geologic services—ranging from petrographic analyses and fracture analyses, to sedimentologic and biostratigraphic studies—to support your exploration and production projects.


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Geologic Services

Reservoir Fluid Analysis

Collect and analyze produced fluids

Reservoir fluids change over the productive life of a field. Weatherford Laboratories collect and analyze fluids over time to help guide decisions that optimize production and development planning.


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Reservoir Fluid Analysis

Isotope Analysis

Measure isotope ratios to guide your development strategies

Isotope analysis can help you identify important relationships between hydrocarbons and their sources. We offer high-precision isotopic analysis of oils, gases, kerogens, waters, and a variety of other liquids.


Investigate hydrocarbon-source relationships here

Isotope Analysis

Water Analysis

Resolve issues with thorough analysis of oilfield water

Our Houston-based laboratory services help to resolve oilfield issues related to water sourcing, flow assurance, corrosion mitigation, water injection, and treatment efficiency. After taking measures for appropriate water sampling and preservation, we execute projects involving fresh, formation, produced, injection, and disposal waters.

Depending on the results, we can perform subsequent laboratory tests on scaling and water treatment processes. We also offer consulting services for scale, corrosion, water-production allocation, and more.

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Oilfield water services

Sample Management

Preserve, store and track your cores

We provide a full spectrum of services—from wellsite retrieval to core storage. Our project managers are your direct connection to the lab, helping you get the answers you need. We provide management services for the full life cycle of your cores. From wellsite sample retrieval and real-time, online laboratory test results, to long-term, bar-coded sample preservation and storage, you can gain access to the status of your samples and data anytime and from anywhere.


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Sample Management

Express Lab

Quickly assess reservoir potential with advanced cuttings analysis

Our Express Lab services provide rapid processing of cuttings samples for source-rock analysis (SRA), X-ray diffraction (XRD), and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) to quantify key formation characteristics.


Assess reservoir attributes from cuttings samples here

Express Lab

Sample Type

Maximize data from any type of sample

Weatherford Laboratories has the equipment, experience, and expertise to analyze any type of sample you collect, from outcrop samples to cuttings, cores, oils, gases, and waters.


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Sample Type

Play Type

Succeed in any type of play

Our full range of sampling and analysis services can help you address your challenges in conventional, unconventional, deepwater, and other types of plays.


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