Mechanized Rig Systems

Execute safe, efficient tubular running with hands-free technologies

Used to make up, break out, and handle tubulars, our mechanized equipment automates operations on the rig floor. These remotely operated tools can minimize your rig possession time, remove personnel from traditionally high-risk zones, and reduce personnel requirements.

Automated makeup and autonomous evaluation

Transform the makeup process through automation

The AutoTong® system reduces human influences, increases efficiencies, and validates integrity without question.

Reduce tubular-running costs by 20 percent

AutoTong system

Rig Integration

Make upgrades to your rig for a safer, more efficient wellsite

Together, we can devise a rig integration plan that works with existing equipment and supports safe, efficient tubular running to total depth. 


Explore our rig-integration solutions

Rig Integration

Top-Drive Casing Running and Drilling

Replace conventional casing installation with a safer, more efficient alternative

Our OverDrive system combines conventional power tongs, bails, elevators, weight compensator, torque-turn monitoring, and fill-up and circulating tools into one remotely operated technology. 


Drive down rig time and costs

Top-Drive Casing Running and Drilling

Completion Running

Facilitate smooth completion running without marking

We help you to efficiently make up, break out, handle, and run completion strings to depth in scenarios ranging from standard well completions to complex deepwater installations. 


Run and preserve the condition of your completion

Completion Running

Riser Running

Run riser strings with enhanced performance capabilities

Our riser-running technologies help you to mechanize installation of drilling or production risers offshore or in deep water and to keep die damage to a minimum.


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