AutoTong® System


Build connection integrity with the world’s first automated makeup and autonomous evaluation technology.

The Weatherford AutoTong suite heralds a historic turning point for connection integrity. Comprised of the AutoTong and mechanized AutoTong systems, the suite automatically makes up pipe and autonomously evaluates connections for enhanced efficiency and reliability. With computer-regulated makeup and built-in evaluation, you can reduce human influences, increase efficiencies, and validate integrity without question.


Transform the makeup process through automation

Reduce rig-up time

Fast, error-free makeup starts with easy installation

Install the AutoTong system just once and be done. The all-in-one AutoTong system comes complete with components and software for one-step installation, which cuts down on lost time and costs. By comparison, conventional makeup involves multiple individual components that require connectivity for both hardware and software communication.

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Leverage real-time and historical data

Achieve unmistakable connection integrity with built-in intelligence

More than mechanical muscle, the AutoTong system includes fully-integrated intelligent software systems. AutoEvaluate™ connection makeup software uses high-resolution data to autonomously evaluate connection makeup in real time.

The system also leverages JAMCloud data storage—housing data from the pipe mill, offline makeup facilities, and wellsite—in one place and in sequential order. It provides remote, secure access to historical and real-time information and enables building a wellness report for every connection.

Download the AutoTong system technical specifications here


Lower tubular-running costs

Reduce your casing-running costs by 20 percent

No matter the application, the AutoTong system reduces tubular-running costs when compared to traditional equipment. While every operation is unique, this automated system delivers connection integrity while decreasing the number of personnel and time required for any tubular-running job. 

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The Weatherford AutoTong system automates tubular makeup and evaluation to deliver unmistakable connection integrity. To learn how this world-first tubular-running technology can work for you, please complete the contact form, and one of our experts will be in touch.

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