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  • Consulting Services Identify Alternative Artificial-Lift Method That Doubles Previous Production in

    May 16 2019

  • MetalSkin® Monobore Openhole Liner Covers High-Pressure Zone, Enhances Production Options in a Challenging Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Well

    May 16 2019

  • Compact™ Oil-Base Mud Microimager Identifies Fractures in Thin-Layered Tight-Oil Reservoir

    May 16 2019

  • Terms and Conditions for Purchase Orders Portuguese

    May 09 2019

  • Canadian Freight Invoices Kit

    May 08 2019

  • MPD System Enables Drilling and Cementing in Tight Window, Controls Kicks in Hours Instead of Weeks

    May 02 2019

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Jun 05 2018
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Sep 20 2017