Safety Systems

Protect your assets with the most reliable safety valves in the industry

Our Optimax safety valves deliver the highest possible standards to maximize health, safety, and environmental performance for the life of your wells. With more than 20,000 cumulative years of service, these valves have had zero failures attributed to the valve design. 

Tubing Retrievable Safety Valves

Safeguard your wells with intelligently engineered simplicity

Engineered without sleeves, plugs, or other mechanisms that fail, our rod-piston, flapper-type TRSVs provide simple and reliable operation. They use hydraulic pressure to open for production. 


Protect people, equipment, and the environment

Wireline Retrievable Safety Valves

Bypass failed TRSVs to quickly and economically restore production

Our wireline-retrievable safety valves (WRSVs) provide economical solutions to repair damaged safety valves. The unique design of the WRSV incorporates flat-flapper technology and maintains a large through bore.


Repair damaged safety valves economically

Wireline Retrievable Safety Valves