Reach your drilling targets and construct with integrity

We set the stage for a lifetime of production. From HPHT deepwater wells to narrow pore-pressure unconventional wells, we offer the careful planning, expert engineering, and exclusive drilling technologies that help you to safely maximize reservoir exposure. We then leverage our innovative cementing and liner systems to build life-of-well integrity that sustains years of healthy production.

Drilling Services

Maximize reservoir exposure and reach your preferred target

Using a suite of technologies that include rotary-steerable systems, logging-while-drilling services, and borehole-enlargement technologies, we combine real-time formation analysis with innovative drilling tools to maximize drilling efficiency in any environment.


Safely drill from one casing point to the next in the shortest possible time

Real Time Operations Center

Surface Logging Systems

Identify pay zones, track lithology, and enhance safety while drilling

Our comprehensive technologies—ranging from conventional mud logging to advanced wellsite geochemical analysis—maximize drilling efficiency and provide real-time formation evaluation data, including lithology, gas analysis, porosity, and more.


Leverage 50 years of surface logging experience

Closed-Loop Drilling

Minimize the risk of pressure-related drilling hazards

As the industry leader of Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD), Weatherford offers a field-proven portfolio of closed-loop drilling technologies that mitigate hazards, minimize formation damage, and optimize drilling performance.


Proactively manage your wellbore pressure profiles here

Closed-Loop Drilling

Rental Tools & Services

Reduce CAPEX with our advanced drilling and workover rental tools

Our highly trained teams deliver drilling and workover technologies—from drill pipe to wellheads to impact tools—and help you to quickly and safely deploy them at your wellsite.


Eliminate ownership costs and supplement your inventory here

Pressure Control

Meet your well-safety challenges with the right pressure-control option

Our pressure-management technologies—including wellheads, rotating control devices, and blowout preventers—provide you with fundamental well control, and our critical control services mobilize experienced technicians to respond to well emergencies.


Manage risks while drilling here.

Pressure Control

Liner Systems

Achieve life-of-well integrity with single-source liner-hanger solutions

Originally developed for the North Sea, our liner-hanger systems offer durability in routine and quality-critical applications globally. Because we manufacture every component, we deliver flawless design, installation, and service.


Achieve reliable performance in any environment

Liner Systems


Mitigate risks for the life of the well

As the industry leader in deepwater and unconventional cementing systems, we offer a complete portfolio that manages surges, optimizes cement placement, and sets the stage for life-of-well integrity.


Achieve reliable wellbore integrity and zonal isolation

Fishing & Re-entry

Maximize efficiency with reliable fishing and casing-exit operations

Whether you need to retrieve stuck equipment, sidetrack to find new production zones, or perform slot recovery, our experienced fishing and re-entry specialists help you to get the job done.


Experience service excellence

Fishing & Re-entry

Drilling Optimization Platform

Expand your control throughout the drilling and completions process

The OneSync® drilling optimization platform uses drilling engineering and monitoring software for pre-job planning, real-time operations and post-job analyses, helping you avoid drilling hazards and improve drilling performance. 


Optimize drilling performance

Drilling Optimization Platform