Formation Evaluation

Reduce reservoir uncertainty

Our experienced technicians and industry leading technologies help you collect, interpret, and apply formation evaluation data to locate the optimal formation target. We leverage our comprehensive wellsite services―including onsite labs, logging-while-drilling, wireline, and surface logging systems―with laboratory-based fluid and core services to transform downhole uncertainty into informed well-construction and production decisions.

Logging While Drilling

Characterize the subsurface environment while drilling

Working in standard to extreme drilling environments, our technologies deliver real-time petrophysical, geosteering, imaging, geomechanical, and geophysical data that enhance reservoir understanding and enable on-the-fly drilling adjustments.


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Logging While Drilling

Surface Logging Systems

Identify pay zones, track lithology, and enhance safety while drilling

Our comprehensive technologies—ranging from conventional mud logging to advanced wellsite geochemical analysis—maximize drilling efficiency and provide real-time formation evaluation data, including lithology, gas analysis, porosity, and more.


Leverage 50 years of surface logging experience

Wireline Services

Maximize reservoir understanding and guide production decisions

We provide actionable wireline data and flawless service execution from early field exploration to mature-field production. Our proprietary technologies assess productivity, diagnose downhole issues, and inform infill drilling programs.


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Wireline Services

Testing and Production Services

Acquire reliable well test data through industry-leading expertise and equipment

Our comprehensive well testing and intervention services―available anywhere in the world for both onshore and offshore wells― inform your production decisions at any stage of reservoir development.


Take the first step toward optimal production

Testing and Production Services

Core Handling Services

Retrieve and preserve cores and their fluids

Weatherford core-handling experts retrieve your cores at the rig floor, then preserve and stabilize them for shipment to the lab for comprehensive analyses of the rock and its fluids.


Acquire the ground truth for log calibrations and reservoir models

Core Handling Services

Laboratory Services

Reduce exploration and development risks with expert lab services

Our global network of premier laboratories is staffed with knowledgeable engineering and geoscience professionals to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your reservoir, source rock, and fluids.


Leverage our core, geochemical, geomechanical expertise

Interpretive Services

Evaluate complex reservoir issues with expert geoscientists

Our experts work closely with rock and fluid analysis laboratories to make sure that analytical data meets your needs and can also guide your sampling, analysis, and quality assurance programs.


Characterize lithofacies, traps, seals, and other complex reservoir issues

Interpretive Services

Laboratory Analysis Software

Discover what lies at the heart of your reservoir

Our laboratory analysis software helps you manage and make better use of the diverse range of data produced during core and fluid analyses.


Visualize core and fluid analyses data