Interpretation and Evaluation Services

Gain insight into your reservoir with intuitive answer products

We evaluate petrophysical and geomechanical data to help you identify threats to wellbore integrity, detect thief zones, and determine targets. Our extensive portfolio of answer products includes high-resolution borehole image interpretation, acoustic slowness and geomechanical applications, petrophysical analysis, and well-integrity issue identification.

Cased-Hole Petrophysics Interpretation

Track and characterize behind-the-casing fluids

Our petrophysical analysts determine the type, location, and amounts of oil, gas, and water behind the casing. These answer products guide reservoir-development decisions and help to maintain optimal production.


Obtain a complete petrophysical analysis of your producing asset here.

Cased-Hole Petrophysics Interpretation

Geological Interpretation

Visualize your subsurface with clear borehole imaging

Using patented processing techniques and unique workflows, our geologists create detailed borehole images of complex structures, fracture networks, and sedimentology and then interpret their impact on future well productivity.


Achieve a detailed geologic analysis of your asset here.

Geological Interpretation

Openhole Petrophysics Interpretation

Transform openhole data into a valuable production guide

From quick-look qualitative evaluations to complex quantitative reservoir analyses, our experienced experts deliver a complete petrophysical survey, including formation porosity, saturations, permeability, and mineral component volumes.


Obtain a complete petrophysical analysis of your openhole asset here.

Openhole Petrophysics Interpretation

Well Integrity Interpretation

Identify threats before they become a problem

Our proprietary well-integrity analysis software and workflows diagnose casing and cement issues, confirm the extent of any damage, and recommend the most effective remediation strategy for your well.


Receive a complete casing and cement analysis here.