Jacking Services

Cut and pull tubulars rig-free

We provide heavy-duty pulling capability without the expense of a rig. Equally suited for intervention or abandonment operations, our jacking services accommodate tubulars as large 36-in with weights up to 500 tons. Our remotely operated jack systems enhance safety by removing personnel from the work area, while the system’s variable-speed capability provides quick adjustments in jacking speed.

Casing Jacks

Pull up to 500 tons without a rig

Available in sizes ranging from 282 tons to 500 tons, our casing jacks provide heavy-duty pulling capability with a 5-ft stroke.


Eliminate rig expenses for your casing pulling operations here


Wellhead support system

Relieve excessive wellhead weight

Our adjustable system supports large snubbing units and protects the wellhead from excessive weight loads. The compact system includes a unique mechanical locking system and jacks up to 400,000 lbs.


Wellhead support system