Drilling with Casing

Increase efficiency and mitigate drilling hazards with simultaneous drilling and casing

Simultaneous drilling and casing operations accelerate well construction, reduce risk exposure, and mitigate potential hazards. Using our drilling-with-casing (DwC) or drilling-with-liner (DwL) systems, you can drill, ream, run, set, and cement your casing or liners in a single trip. Our DwC systems are compatible with our OverDrive casing-running and drilling system for added benefits.

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Drill Bits

Drill in any environment to the planned depth

With polycrystalline-diamond-compact performance at temperatures up to 400°F (204°C), our Defyer® drillable casing bits enable you to drill and case across soft, medium, and hard formations.


Defy your drilling challenges with our drillable casing bits

Drill Bits

Directional Drilling With Casing

Drill in any direction to TD using a retrievable BHA

Our directional drilling-with-casing system enables you to retrieve your bottomhole assembly (BHA) to replace damaged or worn components or to recover advanced systems—without pulling the entire casing string.


Drill, case, and recover your BHA from directional wells

Drilling with Casing Accessories

Further enhance drilling and casing performance

To complement our DwC and DwL systems, we offer various enhancements—including our rubber-lined DwC centralizer, torque ring, and float collar.


Supplement your system with compatible accessories